Spring has sprung on Svetec Farms!  Come see the newest lamb, Judah prancing with the family in the pasture!  Svetec Farms is closed this Good Friday and open on Saturday from 10-4.

Come visit us at the Country Store 10 am to 2 pm Fridays and 10 am to 4 pm Saturdays!  

Check the weekly phone message at 905-263-4655 to see what is available or follow us on Twitter.

Enjoy our corn-free soy-free eggs at a great price: $4.00/dozen. 

Newsflash: Egg Layer Strike has Ended!!! 
Farmer Paul, of Svetec Farms, is happy to report that his chickens are happy and laying again. Warm water, fresh ground oats, peas and barley and some healthy organic vitamins and minerals were the flock's demands, which Farmer Paul happily met. Egg production is back up and running to about 50 dozen a week, so come and get them!

Svetec's Fresh Farm 

Market Hours:

  We are open Fridays from 10am - 2pm and Saturdays from 10am - 4pm year round. To find out what's available at the store,check our phone message every Thursday at 905-263-4655.

 Come get some grass-fed beef, pastured duck, chicken, pastured pork and free-range brown eggs! Interact available. Cash happily accepted as well!

Svetec Farms is now Certified Organic. Three years later, we finally have our certification. Thanks for all the encouragement, friends! Registration # 11-405 with Pro-Cert Organic

All beef, pork and poultry are pastured and their feed is augmented with our certified organic homegrown oats, barley and peas and supplemented with organic vitamins and minerals.

For 2013 we will be raising pastured Turkeys available for Christmas at $7.00/lb. Only two large turkeys are still available between 18 and 23 lbs.  

Svetec Farms is owned and operated by Paul and Jenny Svetec. Please call 905-263-4655 or email at info@svetecfarms.com.

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How to order Beef, Chicken or Eggs?

For beef, pork or chicken, we sell plenty of choice cuts of grass-fed beef, pork and chicken right from our store freezer. 

Come pick up your free-range brown eggs with or without your recycled carton - it's up to you!  Eggs are washed. Come Friday or early Saturday to make sure you get some.  $4.00/dozen

 Kid activist.  Wow!

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