Health can just be a dutiful, tiresome pursuit unless you suddenly have to, and then it suddenly becomes a life and death gallop.  

A lot of our customers come to the farm because they have to.  They have been sent by their chiropractor or homeopath or friend.

 "Go to Svetec Farms.  Their meat is good for you.  It will help." they've been told.  

So they come, with quiet desperation, hopeful that our farm is the solution, the cure.  Most often, we are just one good choice of many to be made in that exhausting footrace for health.  

I want people to come  to our farm because they want to, not because they have to. I have got to tell you, I really hate cancer.  I hate MS.  I hate fibromyalgia. I hate when vibrant people dull with pain or despair because of words, labels and reports, hurt quick by an unexpected diagnosis.  And the race for life, for health begins with urgency.

I wish I had the power to force food producers to be consistent.  To do the right thing.  To consider the consequences of chemicals applied for profit.  To make good choices for humanity and let the ledger come second. I don't.

All I can do is cheer Paul on as he diligently works to provide grass-fed meats and poultry that are antibiotic free, hormone-free, corn free. I can make good choices for my family and have mercy on all when we grab the quick and convenient instead of the hearty, whole, close-to-the-ground-as-possible option and leave the guilt behind.

I pray for those who come with desperate need to the farm and wait in hope for the God I love to answer with His power and peace and kindness.

When I look at the courageous faces of the cancer survivors, the parents with children battling sickness, and the passionate healthcare providers who serve their best, I want to cheer them on too.  I want to say "Don't give up!  Keep at it.  Make the healthy choices.  Live thankful.  Eat well.  Every choice counts. I understand in part what you are facing."

I have raced this hard race for health.  I spent years in pain with fibromyalgia, losing my job as a single mom as I faced down pain and won.  Then I blew out my back and walked bent over for a full year, though many people helped as they could.  I faced down the cancer word, more than once, with scares that take your breath away. Sadly, I have wasted years being angry until I finally found peace.

I am resolved that though we may not change the system, we can each have a huge impact by providing encouragement and support to those who have stumbled into a race for their life.  I am certain the food we produce brings strength and health to those who eat it.  I can rest in God and keep cheering on those in the marathon, because all of us, at some time of another will find ourselves in this race.

This year, I hope for excellent health for you and your loved ones. Encourage a friend in their battle. May you be the pit stop they need to keep running hard.I choose to do the same.