Our Beef:

Ground Beef- Extra Lean   $6.00/lb
Stewing Beef                    $7.00/lb                                    
All beef sausages       $10.00/lb

Jenny's Mammoth Burgers

 $15.00/5 patties  2 lbs of beef per package or $85.00/box of 30 patties total weigh 12 lbs/box

NEW!!! Gluten Free Patties 

$15.00/5 patties  2 lbs of beef per package or $85.00/box of 30 patties total weigh 12 lbs/box 

  Prime Rib           $12.0/lb
  Sirloin Tip          $12.00/lb 
  Eye of Round     $10.00/lb
  Rump                 $12.00/lb 
  Inside Round      $11.00/lb                                                                                                          

Steaks    cut 3/4" to 1" thick

   Braising Ribs    $6.00/lb

   Sirloin             $14.50/lb

   Prime Rib       $16.50/lb

   T-Bone           $16.50/lb  

   Strip Loin        $20.00/lb 

   Tenderloin      $25.00/lb

  Other Cuts

marrow bones  $5.00/pk

liver                   $5.00/pk

oxtail                 $15.00/pk

tongue              $10.00/pk

heart                 $8.00 each

suet                  $10.00/pk

Our Free-Range Brown Eggs:

$4.00 dozen At this price, they are gone by early Saturday,so come Fridays if possible, to get some at the farm.  

Our Poultry

Certified Organic Pastured Chicken 

Whole              $7.00/lb   

Quartered        $8.00/lb

chicken liver    $5.00/lb

chicken neck   $5.00/lb

chicken heart  $5.00/lb

chicken gizzard$5.00/lb

chicken feet   $10.00/bag

Certified Organic Pastured Duck

Whole            $6.00/lb   

Split               $6.50/lb

quartered       $7.00/lb

 Our Pastured Pork


Apple, hot Italian, mild Italian                   $10.00/lb

Octoberfest, honey garlic,                 $10.00/lb

Breakfast sausage         $10.00/lb

Gluten Free Sausages

Bratwurst, maple garlic                 $10.00/lb

Ground Pork         $7.00/lb


Fresh Bacon         $13.00/lb

Smoked Bacon         $13.00/lb

Peameal Bacon         $13.00/lb

Pork Chops         $10.00/lb

Butterfly Chops                                        $11.00/lb

Pork Roasts

Butt Roast       $8.00/lb

Shoulder Roast       $8.00/lb

(for pulled pork)

Tenderloin       $15.00/lb

Cottage Roll       $8.00/lb

Fresh Ham Steaks               $8.00/lb

Smoked Ham Steaks               $8.00/lb

Pork Ribs

Back Ribs        $15.00/lb

Spare Ribs        $8.00/lb

For Soup

Fresh Pork Hocks                $6.00/lb